Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa

Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa

I was watching my favorite YouTuber, Hayley Paige, when I first found out about this amazing product! She had a promotion code, so I thought ‘Why not?’ and bought it.

The first time that I used it, my face turned raw and I broke out. But, I wasn’t really upset about it because I knew that would probably happen … at least that’s what happens to me when I get a facial at the spa, from the impurities being pulled out from my pores. From then, I only used it about every other day, just so I could have a full 24 hour time span for my skin to repair itself.

At that time I was using some Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Tear Free Wash. It’s pretty oily and gentle but I soon moved from that and started using coconut oil. and that’s when I hit the jackpot!

The coconut oil started working so well with my skin, I’ll never turn away from it. This is when I started using the VP product everyday! Coconut oil has so many great benefits and one of them is pulling impurities out of your skin. Oil pulls oil. Within 3 days my strawberry patterned cheek bone and nose started looking clear and smaller! And as a bonus my skin was getting silky smooth from the oil not drying my face out like most products do.

After that, I decided to take it a step further by adding an exfoliate serum to my routine. I don’t regret that either! The serum worked beautifully along side of the coconut oil. By the end of the week I was still having pimples rise to the surface of my skin, but honestly, that didn’t matter to me.

What mattered to me is that:

  1. My biggest concerns (black head and large pores) were taken care of.
  2. I had a routine that was working, so I knew it wouldn’t be long before they disappear.
  3. I’m 24 years old… I’m going to get pimples! Lol

So, there you have it – my secret to better, healthier and smoother skin. Check out the product review here and if you haven’t yet, subscribe for more content!!


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