Don’t throw shade, rub it in!

I remember in high school (6 years ago), I had the same routine everyday: Get up, get ready, go to school, go to the tanning salon, eat a snack at my friend Krista‘s house, then go to soccer practice. (Unless the line was too long at the tanning salon, then I would have soccer practice first) It really was an everyday thing. Being tan was a status that needed to upheld, it was not just beauty, it was fashion. I mostly loved being tan because it covered the red veins I had on my thighs, and the bruises on my body from soccer.

Then in college, I got more realistic about tanning. Attending classes, having soccer practice and (home and away) games, homework, and trying to have a social life didn’t leave me hardly anytime for tanning. -You know, now that I write this out, I was still doing the same stuff in high school and still made time for it…. wow, that’s a wake up call- Anyhow, I only went tanning when something was coming up, like a formal. With that said, my skin has always naturally been between fair and light so it always took me a long time before I got any results… Resulting in me paying more for tanning than I wanted to.

Between now and then, I have changed my tanning ways to a more healthier, affordable, and realistic options. Tanning lotions! They aren’t for everyone, but to me, it’s just silly to purchase a tanning package that my skin won’t adjust fast enough to my liking.


Recently I have been trying out a new tanning product, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. This stuff is literally foundation for your legs (or wherever else you want to apply) I started out with the lightest shade Fair Skin, it was still a little too light for me, or shall I say it didn’t make me look very tan! (The swatch doesn’t do justice, it looks like it covers very well but when applied all over it gets pretty thin) The little red veins in my thighs showed more than I would like them to.


Then next shade up was Light skin, a nice shade for me. However, there are a few things that I did not like about it. The product only smeared smoothly if I applied it in my hands first, if I squeezed the products out on my leg and the rubbed it in I could see a little line from when it first touched my leg. Secondly, when I crossed my legs I could tell that the product failed in that round spot from my legs touching. Thirdly, my legs looked ashy. That’s a no.

The Medium skin shade was way too dark for me, haha! However, I did test it on my arm and the product was separating, it was so gross! It looked like old nail polish and honestly turned me off to using the other shades just thinking about what I was putting on my skin. You can see in this picture where the product looks a little green and bubbly, and toilet paper was absorbing the ingredients from the Medium shade. It could have been just a bad batch, unfortunately for them I got that bottle :/


But, in all honesty, I would use the product (in my shade) in a desperate situation (meaning that I’m not ready to throw it away just yet). I still have insecurities about my red veins and darker skin just helps my confidence when wearing shorts or dresses.

Although this product is not for me, I prefer sticking to lotion tanner that applies on clear and gives your skin color of two or three days, my very best friend and little sis Laura Jones  (Miss Kentucky 2016, top 12 in Miss America 2017) says this about Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs “At Miss America it was all the rage! Girls used it every other day, mostly for swim suit competition. It looks good and very natural” I do have this product in the mousse and spray applications, so I might give this a chance, we’ll see!!

Keep up the sass, seriously!

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